In Celebration of National Nurse’s Week

The week of May 9, 2016 opened up with several celebration events at Signature Healthcare of Waterford Center. Each day a different festivity took place–including pizza on Tuesday, a pasta lunch on Wednesday with a gift raffle, and barbecue on Thursday.

The week culminated in a beautiful and elegant buffet luncheon that Chef Glen del Fiero prepared for the nurses on every floor. It was hosted by the administrator and Director of Nursing Barbara Quicano.

Some 30 nurses were in attendance from the morning shift, and the CEO, Carmen Telot, gave the opening remarks. Chaplain Maria was the MC as names were read out loud and several dozen gifts were given. All the nurses were touched by the loving gestures in honor of their profession and the work they carry out each day. Nursing was hailed as an important and needed discipline in the center. It requires skilled hands and fresh minds in an atmosphere of love and attention to details.

A prayer for our nurses was given by Chaplain Maria in Spanish and everyone enjoyed a delicious gourmet lunch, compliments of Dr. Robbin from the clinical nursing team at Waterford. We want to congratulate and honor all nurses this week. May they continue to provide the quality care and love that they always do in such a facility as Waterford.