Mother’s Day Celebration at Waterford

On Saturday, May 7, 2016, the Waterford center celebrated Mother’s Day in a special way, by bringing fresh cut flowers and musical serenades to its female patients on each floor.

The center brings this program annually through the ministry of the Women’s Emmaus Team from St. Patrick Church. They offer this program on the Saturday before Mother’s Day every year. A dozen women volunteers start the day by preparing and arranging 275 Roses – labeled with special labels  and carrying a message and ribbons. They’re assembled in buckets for each nursing home and then passed out to all the female patients.

The project which began in 2007 as a simple idea generated by Chaplain Maria Meneses, (also of Emmaus). It was intended to honor her late mother and grandmother who passed to eternal life in 1999 and 1986 respectively. The concept of bringing joy and a smile in such a simple way to all female patients in a nursing home has grown to the present day project. The Emmaus women’s team distributes the designated stems to over three nursing homes in the local Miami area. Some 400 flowers are distributed each year. Several of the Emmaus women have been involved.

This year, Chaplain Maria encountered the added surprise of having many of the new recruits sign up this special project. “What a great introduction to the topic of corporal works of mercy in the year of Mercy as designated by Pope Francis, and the Holy See,” explained the chaplain at the home of Adriana.

Following the inception of the project, the beautiful roses are donated each year by a special sponsor: Vicky Campos, of Spring Always Fresh Cut flowers. These fresh cut roses are imported from their native country of Colombia, which Vicky coordinates for the Emmaus sisters as a dedication to our Blessed Mother Mary in the month of May.

Each group of women who participate bring their spirituality to the project, and the overall team assembles into groups of three or more women that divide the task among each other in visiting each of the selected nursing homes.

This year the distribution of flowers at Signature Healthcare brought with it the voice and guitar playing of musician Mirtha de la Torre. Chaplain Maria continues to engage this composer, singer, songwriter, and musician who is loved by all!

On behalf of Signature healthcare of Waterford, we want to wish every mother a very Happy Mother’s Day, and a blessed month of May in which we honor Mary, the blessed mother of Christ. May she continue to bless our residents and patients and all of the family members that support their loved ones as caregivers. May the maternal in all of us be sacred and preserved for the dignity of human life, and may we be blessed with the fruitfulness and the formation of future generations.