Honoring God’s Man and Chaplain Volunteer Manuel Ruda

Moses had his brother Aaron as an assistant. Jesus had his disciples, and The Apostle Paul handed the gospel torch to his son in the faith, Timothy. God has not left us to do his work alone. He has always provided ministry partners in order that his mission on earth will spread the faster. When there is unity in the body of Christ, the kingdom of God expands and people’s lives are changed forever.

Manuel Ruda has been my Aaron, disciple, and Timothy wrapped in one. Mr. Ruda has been serving at Waterford for several years now. Our residents and stakeholders have the privilege to have him as a volunteer and part of our Chaplain Committee team. There is not enough good I could say about this man of God. He serves our people from a pure heart, doing the work of an evangelist and offering pastoral support. You could catch Manuel Ruda at any given moment compassionately holding the hand of our residents and giving them hope through prayer.

We are excited to have nominated Manuel Ruda for the Hall of Fame this year. As a token of our appreciation, we wanted to publicly thank him for his faithfulness in the ministry. We are grateful to have his pastoral care and wisdom.