Mother’s Day Celebration at Waterford

On Saturday, May 7, 2016, the Waterford center celebrated Mother’s Day in a special way, by bringing fresh cut flowers and musical serenades to its female patients on each floor.

The center brings this program annually through the ministry of the Women’s Emmaus Team from St. Patrick Church. They offer this program on the Saturday before Mother’s Day every year. A dozen women volunteers start the day by preparing and arranging 275 Roses – labeled with special labels  and carrying a message and ribbons. They’re assembled in buckets for each nursing home and then passed out to all the female patients.

The project which began in 2007 as a simple idea generated by Chaplain Maria Meneses, (also of Emmaus). It was intended to honor her late mother and grandmother who passed to eternal life in 1999 and 1986 respectively. The concept of bringing joy and a smile in such a simple way to all female patients in a nursing home has grown to the present day project. The Emmaus women’s team distributes the designated stems to over three nursing homes in the local Miami area. Some 400 flowers are distributed each year. Several of the Emmaus women have been involved.

This year, Chaplain Maria encountered the added surprise of having many of the new recruits sign up this special project. “What a great introduction to the topic of corporal works of mercy in the year of Mercy as designated by Pope Francis, and the Holy See,” explained the chaplain at the home of Adriana.

Following the inception of the project, the beautiful roses are donated each year by a special sponsor: Vicky Campos, of Spring Always Fresh Cut flowers. These fresh cut roses are imported from their native country of Colombia, which Vicky coordinates for the Emmaus sisters as a dedication to our Blessed Mother Mary in the month of May.

Each group of women who participate bring their spirituality to the project, and the overall team assembles into groups of three or more women that divide the task among each other in visiting each of the selected nursing homes.

This year the distribution of flowers at Signature Healthcare brought with it the voice and guitar playing of musician Mirtha de la Torre. Chaplain Maria continues to engage this composer, singer, songwriter, and musician who is loved by all!

On behalf of Signature healthcare of Waterford, we want to wish every mother a very Happy Mother’s Day, and a blessed month of May in which we honor Mary, the blessed mother of Christ. May she continue to bless our residents and patients and all of the family members that support their loved ones as caregivers. May the maternal in all of us be sacred and preserved for the dignity of human life, and may we be blessed with the fruitfulness and the formation of future generations.

In Celebration of National Nurse’s Week

The week of May 9, 2016 opened up with several celebration events at Signature Healthcare of Waterford Center. Each day a different festivity took place–including pizza on Tuesday, a pasta lunch on Wednesday with a gift raffle, and barbecue on Thursday.

The week culminated in a beautiful and elegant buffet luncheon that Chef Glen del Fiero prepared for the nurses on every floor. It was hosted by the administrator and Director of Nursing Barbara Quicano.

Some 30 nurses were in attendance from the morning shift, and the CEO, Carmen Telot, gave the opening remarks. Chaplain Maria was the MC as names were read out loud and several dozen gifts were given. All the nurses were touched by the loving gestures in honor of their profession and the work they carry out each day. Nursing was hailed as an important and needed discipline in the center. It requires skilled hands and fresh minds in an atmosphere of love and attention to details.

A prayer for our nurses was given by Chaplain Maria in Spanish and everyone enjoyed a delicious gourmet lunch, compliments of Dr. Robbin from the clinical nursing team at Waterford. We want to congratulate and honor all nurses this week. May they continue to provide the quality care and love that they always do in such a facility as Waterford.

National Day of Prayer at SHC of Waterford

On Thursday, May 5, 2016 as our country celebrated the 65th annual Day of Prayer, Signature Healthcare celebrated it’s 5th annual Day of Prayer.

The morning began at 10:30 AM with a livestream telecast of the company’s headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. All faiths and denominations were represented in the hour and a half prayer service. Signature HealthCARE of Waterford is one of over 100 centers located in the United States that tuned into the live webcast.

Later in the day, at 3:00 PM, Signature HealthCARE of Waterford hosted its own celebration of prayer, which was hosted by Chaplain Maria Meneses of the department of spirituality. Chaplain Maria opened with a prayer, and the pledge of allegiance was led by the center’s director of Plant Services, Don Pridemore, who is also a veteran of the U.S. Army Corps.

A reading from the Gospel of Luke 11:1-13 was proclaimed, followed by a brief reflection on prayer given by Chaplain Maria. As an added surprise, the center was delighted to have several guests visit on this important day. Namely, Senator Rene Garcia, who said a few words on the importance of prayer in this time we are living in in this nation. The chaplain was pleased to present guest speaker Deacon Manuel Mendoza, from Catholic Hospice Services, who also is a medical doctor from his native country of Colombia, after the Senator.

Deacon Manuel spoke about the jubilee “Year of Mercy” and the “Holy Doors” which Pope Francis has opened and has publicly invited all Christian Catholics to pass through for plenary indulgences that can be gained. Lastly, prayers of petitions were read by the various stakeholders of the center in their native languages: Creole, Spanish, English, and Filipino.

An ice-cream social topped the afternoon and everyone in attendance enjoyed the afternoon festivities.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at SHC of Waterford

On Thursday, March 18, 2016, the Waterford center hosted a special fine dining meal to commemorate the feast of St. Patrick. Chef Glen Del Fiero and his dietary staff created a delicious meal for the 40 residents who participated on the third floor.

Thursday’s dinner included corned beef with cabbage and potatoes. An alternate menu was also offered: fried eggs with riced and sweet plantains. In addition to lovely food choices, a delicious Irish mojito was served, a special creation by the Chef, and desert included green flan which was topped with whipped cream.

As always the activities department outdid themselves in presentation and table service, while Chaplain Maria Meneses prayed over the food. Everyone had an incredible time.

Stay tuned for additional monthly special fine dining events hosted at the center. For more information, please contact Wilma Ibasco, director of activities, and check the calendar of events posted on each floor.

Schedule for Lent 2016 at Waterford

The following schedule appears on the center’s calendar of activities for the month of March. Below are both a Spanish and –English version of the schedule.
*The Liturgical celebrations are subject to change but will be announced within the center.

Lent 2016

Miercoles Marzo 16, 2016 y Miercoles 23, 2016
-Wednesday March 16, 2016 and Wednesday March 23, 2016
Via Crucis – Caminando la Via Dolorosa del Senor
-Way of the Cross – Walking the Way of Suffering with the Lord
@ 3:00 PM Piso #3
-@ 3:00 PM Floor #3

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Hall of Fame Celebration at Waterford

On Thursday, October 15, 2015, Signature HealthCARE Center of Waterford celebrated its annual Hall of Fame – a yearly celebration in which residents and employees are inducted.

The Hall of Fame is an innovative Quality of Life Program developed by Signature HealthCARE to honor the lives and accomplishments of our residents, stakeholders, volunteers, and community activists.

This year, among the inductees, were three residents – a master welder, a famous local shoemaker, and a woman known for her homemade cooking. They were joined by two employees from the center, a restorative aid and a CNA nominated for 27 years of service.

Lastly, the center honored for four Catholic Knights from Union #7 from the Immaculate Conception Church in Hialeah, FL for their volunteer work over the past 20 years. They brought the word of God to the center, and communion to the largely Catholic population.

The programs theme and colors reflected a Roaring Twenties look. The center’s Chaplain, Maria Meneses, was the Master of Ceremonies, and Major Alfredo Ascanio of the Florida Fish and Conservation Commission led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance.

The center’s CEO, Carmen Telot, addressed the audience. She reminded everyone, “This is about wonderful individuals, and celebrating life, and their accomplishments in our great family at Waterford.”

She remarked that we all want to look back and be happy with what we see in our lives prior to leaving this life. Closing remarks were given by the Director of Nursing and Chief Clinical Officer, Barbara Quicano.

The ceremony was followed by scrumptious refreshments prepared by the Chef Glen del Fierro, and was complete with a fruit tower and mouthwatering delicacies.

Celebrating Our Lady of Charity

On Tuesday, September 8, 2015, Signature Healthcare Center of Waterford celebrated the feast of Our Lady of Charity with song of prayer. The hour long celebration took place on the third floor, and was hosted by Chaplain Maria Meneses. Chaplain Maria invited St. Lazarus Catholic Church to lead everyone in prayer and to serenade the Virgin mother of God.

A brief history was shared about her origins from the island of Cuba, as well as the image present at the entrance to Biscayne Bay in Miami. Songs and prayers were offered in roses to the blessed mother, followed by a Rosary. Lastly, the event was followed by an ice-cream social for the residents which was enjoyed by all.


El Martes, 08 de septiembre 2015, Signature Healthcare Center de Waterford celebro la fiesta de Nuestra Señora de la Caridad con una bellizima serenata a la Virgen de la Caridad, patrona de Cuba. La celebración de una hora se llevó a cabo en el tercer piso, y fue organizada por la Capellána  María Meneses.  Capellána  María invitó a la Iglesia Católica San Lázaro para dirigir a todos en la oración y la serenata de la Virgen madre de Dios.

Una breve historia fue compartida acerca de sus orígenes de la isla de Cuba, así como la imagen presente en la entrada de la Bahía de Biscayne en Miami. Canciones y oraciones fueron ofrecidas en las rosas amarillas para la madre bendita, y fue seguido de un rosario. Por último, el evento culmino con un helado social para los residentes que fue disfrutado por todos.

Signature HealthCARE Named to 2015 Modern Healthcare’s List of “Best Places to Work in Healthcare”


Signature HealthCARE is proud to once again be named to Modern Healthcare​’s list of “Best Places to Work in Healthcare!” Only 100 nominees make the list each year and this is the fourth time Signature HealthCARE has been named to the list! The ranked order of nominees will be revealed in October.

To see the full list, follow this link:

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Celebration of the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

On Saturday, August 15, 2015, a Eucharistic Mass celebration in honor of the “Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary” took place at Signature HealthCARE Center of Waterford. Father Raul Quesada was the celebrant of the mass, and it lasted a little over an hour.

Around 60 patients, residents and family members were in attendance and it was a packed house! The music was superb, and the amazing 12 piece choir and musicians from St. Barbara Church accompanied the center’s chaplain, Maria Meneses.

Everyone enjoyed the morning activity. Another Eucharistic Mass is being planned for the fall.

Signature HealthCARE of Waterford’s Wellness Fair

On Friday, July 10, 2015, Signature Healthcare of Waterford hosted a Wellness Fair for all employees in the afternoon. On hand were Betty Rivas, HR director, and Neymi Martinez, Staff Development to welcome all of our stakeholders.

Various vendors were in attendance with information and free health screenings as follows: Palmetto Hospital offered free blood pressure and blood sugar screenings; Dr. Dennis from Total Health offered a massage therapist for stakeholders interested in releasing some stress; Podiatrist, Dr. Adam Ringler, answered questions on proper foot alignment and foot gear.

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